ethernet orchestra

What is the Ethernet Orchestra ?


Ethernet Orchestra is the research project of musician and sound artist Roger Mills at the University of Technology Sydney. The project aims to investigate improvisation in real time audio platforms and the potential for new forms of cross cultural collaboration in response to the apparent homogeneity of genres currently being explored in these platforms.

Comprising a virtual ensemble of musicians and sound artists from diverse geographical locations, Ethernet Orchestra seeks to explore new methodologies and ethnography of improvisation,  UX in computer mediated collaboration and the musical and sonic boundaries of divergent cultures in collision.

Collaborations may involve any number of musicians determined on a project by project basis, which may include live networked gallery performance or discreet online improvisatory sessions. It is also envisaged that a body of works will be recorded not only for the purpose of analysis but for the compilation of an eventual label release, of which all participants will be equally recognised for their creative contributions.

This blog is available for all interested musicians and sound artists to express and interest in becoming involved by adding a comment or experience of using an online collaborative platform. Please feel free to add links to websites and past collaborations. Future project details will be posted here in the months to come.

It is hoped that through a cross pollination of diverse cultures of improvisation, new methodologies will be given the space and time to develop in a framework of innovation and experimentation.

For further information contact ethernetorchestra AT netpraxis DOT net