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November US Performance & Paper Presentation

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Ethernet Orchestra NYC show
– 12th November 2011, 8-9pm @ O-Town Sound.

This unique A/V performance features Richard Lainhart, Roger Mills performing in a one off live event with Yavuz Uydu (AU) and Hervé Perez (UK). Networked live cinema mixing by Graziano Milano in the online A/V interface VisitorsStudio. Remote listeners can listen and view the performance online. Venue details.

To experience audio visual performance online open the following urls in separate browser windows.


Find your own timezone here.


During his visit to New York, Roger Mills will be teaming up with long time ensemble collaborator Richard Lainhart and they will be performing together live with members of the online ensemble. Despite numerous networked performances together, this will be the first time the pair will have met and collaborated in person. The performance will also feature networked live cinema mixing by audiovisual artist Graziano Milano in London.

The online ensemble will feature:

Yavuz Uydu – Turkish oud & bendir

Sheffield, United Kingdom.
Hervé Perez – Laptop electronics and Soprano Sax

Ethernet Orchestra A/V excerpts here.

ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference , Atlanta, Georgia, 3-6th November 2011. One of twelve internationally selected papers for presentation at the graduate student symposium and masterclass. More details.