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Ethernet Orchestra International Tour

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From September to November 2011, Ethernet Orchestra will embark on an international tour in which members of the ensemble will perform locally and remotely at a range of events incorporating live musicians in each location.

Each performance will feature local musicians improvising with members of the online ensemble from locations such as Sydney, Brazil, China, Turkey, Germany, UK and the United State. The ensemble features a diverse range of instruments including Turkish oud & bendir, Mongolian horse fiddle and throat singing, guitar, trumpet, voice and electronic processing. Instrumentalists will perform in different combinations over the tour as local circumstances provide.

Selected events include conference paper presentations examining intercultural cognition and perception in telematic improvisation. This includes examining examples of musical transferences in the groups networked performances and the strategies and approaches that musicians are developing to negotiate non-visual and dispersed interaction.

Tour Schedule

5th – DRHA (Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts Conference) Ningbo, China. Paper presentation and evening performance featuring Ethernet Orchestra in collaboration with local Chinese musicians. Download program for location and times.

15th – ISEA (International Symposium for Electronic Arts) Istanbul, Turkey. Paper presentation at Sabanci University. View details of time and location.

25th – Kunstmühle Gallery, Braunschweig, Germany. Ethernet Orchestra radio performance featuring Martin Slawig, Elke Utermöhlen, Yavuz Uydu (Sydney), Chris Vine (Londrina, Brazil). View details.

November – United States

4th – ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. Paper presentation and performance tbc.

12th – One Thousand Pulses, New York. Performance by members of the ensemble with Richard Lainhart.

18th – Diffused Sound Series #5, Bon Marche Studio, University of Technology, Sydney.

Watch this space for photographs and sound files as the tour progresses !