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Online CyPosium on Cyberformance

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12th – 13th October, 2012 From 15:00 GMT

I will be doing a presentation for the online symposium on Cyberformance, 13th October over various online platforms and hosted in Sydney by Sense Aware lab, University of Technology, Sydney. It starts at 3pm GMT and runs throughout the northern evening of the 12th. There are interesting talks by Auriea Har­vey and Michaël Samyn, Alan Sondheim, Mil­jana Perić, Stephen A. Schrum, Joseph DeLappe, Adriene Jenik, Active­Lay­ers, Roger Mills, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčić. It will be hosted by multi-user online platforms UpStage, and Water­wheel Tap.

My presentation Eth­er­net Orches­tra: Case Stud­ies of Net­worked Inter­cul­tural Improvisation is at 8:30 AEST and 22:30 GMT. While this is early for us here in Sydney, there will be an open online discussion between attending and presenting artists, researchers and inter­ested par­tic­i­pants. Everyone welcome to come and sit in.