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Ethernet Orchestra Album Under Construction

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After a year long hiatus, Ethernet Orchestra is once again performing and recording material for an album that will released in the Autumn of 2014. The recordings will feature mixes dating back over the past 4 years and will include performances from all of the musicians during this period. This will also include performances from the late Richard Lainhart who will be still present with us in the recordings. His partner Caroline Meyers has agreed to design the artwork and in many ways the album will be an epitaph to our work with Richard.

We are especially fortunate to have Persian tar player Aref Toloei who has been joining us from Tehran, Iran and has added a distinct sound to our most recent recordings.

Listen to sneak preview.

Publishing News
While Roger Mills has been busy with his thesis he has also found time to write a book chapter with Kirsty Beilharz that examines interaction in networked music performance entitled The Networked Unveiled. Evaluating Tele-Musical Interaction. In L. Candy & S. Ferguson (Eds.), Interactive Experience in the Digital Age: Evaluating New Art Practice. London, Springer.

The paper that Roger gave to the Cyposium of Cyberformance is finally being published in a book dedicated to the event. The paper is called The Metaphorical Basis of Perception in Network Music Performance. In A. Abrahams & H. V. Jamieson (Eds.) Cyposium: The Book, Brescia, Italy, Link Editions.

Watch this space for information about downloading these articles.