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Monday 14th May, 2012.

Sound Spectrum II
On Monday 14th of May, UTS, Sound and Music Design students performed in the 2nd live international network improvisatory loop performance with Aletheia Ensemble, ECU, Perth, and students at RMIT Melbourne and UCLancaster, UK.


Experimental live Internet improvisation performed as an indeterminate loop between students in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Lancaster, UK..

Organised and facilitated by Dr Malcolm Riddoch, Roger Mills and Byron Scullin.

June, 2011

First ‘Sound Spectrum‘ festival Perth, students at Edith Cowan University, WA, and Sound and Music Design University of Technology, Sydney, performed a two state networked improvisation to an audience at the Velvet Lounge, Perth. Broadcasting through Internet streaming technologies Nicecast and Ustream, the two ensembles used the enveloping network latency as an acoustic tool to create two collaborative yet indeterminate soundscapes, across 4000 km.

Listen to the Sydney loop of the performance

Performers: University of Technology, Sydney
Jordan Dorjee – Turntables
Hugo Smart – Guitar
Roger Mills – Trumpet

Aletheia Ensemble, (Edith Cowan University, WA) at Velvet Lounge, Perth.
Bob White
Charlie Daly
Liz Bonny
Suzanne Kosowitz
Mitch Mollison
Sam Gillies
Caitlin Woods

Thanks to Malcolm Riddoch and Aletheia, Sound Spectrum, UTS & ECU Sense Aware Lab, Creativity and Cognition Studios and Sina and Brendan of the Bon Marche media lab.